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Privacy Policy

Hotmail services were launched in the year 1991 and after reviewing its potential for a year Microsoft Company purchases it. Regularly many users are getting associated with Hotmail because of the quality of the services and policy features,the company is offering to the users. It is among the best email services on the web. The email account holder will get a storage facility up to 250MB due to increased competition in the market. Hotmail users are getting various services and better security. Microsoft keeps the privacy of the users on utmost care, these free email services from Microsoft try to keep the users' information away from the Hackers. To enhance this feature Microsoft is adding new features regularly.

Filter Spam and unwanted Mails:

With the quality features of the Hotmail user can get directly Spam and unwanted mailed directly in Spam account called as SmartScreen. Users get irritated due to unwanted mails in the Inbox which consumes a lot of time in sorting , so this privacy feature is helpful in resolving the issue."Sweep " option is helpful in increasing the security of account from unwanted mails. Unsubscribe newsletter while using Hotmail policies.

Computer System Security

When a user login from a Public computer , Security threats increases more. The user should be more cautious while using systems at airports , Internet Cafes, Shops and any other public place. Login by using Single -use Code , which is a one to time authentication password sent to mobile phones registered with your Hotmail account. This password is only used for one time login. Do not turn off the firewall security feature of the system. It helps in improving the Security level of the system. The features offered by the Hotmail company for security are very effective and company main concern is to keep the personal information of the user safe from the Hackers. The email id also helps in getting the details about the user so keep that confidential too.