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How does BCC work in email?

If you are wondering How do I send an email to a group in hotmail? And to some other people who I wish to conceal from the rest of the group. Well, reset assured. There is a feature known as “Bcc” in the emails that allows you that is sending the message to conceal from the other receivers of this email that an email is being sent to this particular recipient too.if any help than helps hotmail helpline number 

Therefore if you wish to add a Bcc recipient to your email sender’s list, simply follow the steps mentioned below and get it done within no time at all.

  • Open your internet browser to send email with the Bcc recipient email address.
  • Once the internet browser is open, click on the address bar and enter the website Hotmail. Com domain so that you can log in into your account.
  • Once the Hotmail website opens up, login by entering your username and password in the respective fields and clicking on the tab marked ‘log in’.
  • Next, search for the tab ‘new’. It is clicked upon when the user that is you has to send a new email to a new contact of yours.
  • Upon locating it, click it so that the new email windows pops up.
  • In the new email window that pops up, go the recipient’s area and click over it.
  • It will show you two options in addition to regular email recipients. One is “CC” and other is “Bcc”. They stand for ‘carbon copy’ and ‘blind carbon copy’ respectively.
  • Next type in the email address of people in the Bcc list. These are the email addresses that would be hidden from the rest of the recipients.
  • Thereafter simply enter the subject to the email and click on send. The Bcc recipients would receive their emails and the rest of the recipients from the ‘CC’ field would not know about it.

However if you are still facing some trouble with this process, getting in touch with the representatives by calling on the hotmail technical support number  is the best solution then. For any other query, calling on the hotmail customer service number is the most logical action to take.